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An aqua silencer System is designed to replace conventional single unit engine silencers on board structures. With it’s light weight and slender design, it offers a minimal 'footprint' while optimizing the entire exhaust system for low noise and reduced backpressure.  It  is used to control the noise and emission in IC engines. The reason why we go for aqua silencer is, in today life the air pollution causes physical ill effects to the human beings and also the environment. The main contribution of the air pollution is automobile releasing the gases like carbondioxide and unburt Hydrocarbon.  In order to avoid this type of gases by introducing this aqua silencer. It is fitted to the exhaust pipe of the engine, Sound produced under water is less hearable than it produced in atmosphere. This mainly because of small sprockets in water molecules, which lowers its amplitude thus, lowers the sound level. The emission can be controlled by using the activated charcoal layer and it is highly porous and posses extra free valences so it has high absorption capacity. So absorb the gases from the engine and release much less position to the environment. The noise and smoke level is considerable less than the conventional silencer, no need of catalytic converter and easy to install[3]. In this silencer, the Charcoal and Water so it is called hybrid aqua silencer, and it is useful in automobile, industry, DG sets & DG machines, Marin and Boats also so, It is known as hybrid universal aqua silencer.
Now a days Air pollution is major problem The main pollutants contribute by
automobiles are (CO), UBHC, (Nox) and Lead etc.Other sources such as electric power generating stations, industrial and domestic fuel consumption , refuse burning, industrial processing So it is imperative that serious attempts should be made to conserve earth’s environment from degradation. An aqua silencer is an attempt in this direction, it is mainly dealing with control of emission and noise. An aqua silencer is fitted to the exhaust pipe of engine

·         Basically an aqua silencer  consists of a perforated tube which is installed at the end of the exhaust pipe.
·         The perforated tube -different diameters. purpose of providing different diameter hole is to break up gas mass to form smaller gas bubbles.

·         Generally 4 sets of holes are drilled on the perforated tube. The other end of the perforated tube is closed by plug.
·         Around the circumference of the perforated tube a layer of activated charcoal is provided and further a metallic mesh covers it.
·         The whole unit is then placed in a water container.
·         A small opening is at the top of the container to remove the exhaust gases & a drain plug is provided at the bottom of the container for periodically cleaning of container.
·         Also a filler plug is mounted at the top of the container. At the inlet of the exhaust pipe a non-return valve is provided which prevents the back flow of gases and water as well.




The intention of this project is to design a renewable energy source based
around a piece of exercise equipment. The energy expended in a typical
workout at the gym is usually wasted in the mechanics of the equipment. This
project harnessed the mechanical energy of the machine and converted it to
electrical energy using a generator-based system. The exercise equipment,
attached to the shaft of the generator. Thus produced electrical energy is used in
powering a piece of equipment such as lamp or a computer while exercising.
This report will introduce the project and present all applicable information
regarding the design, development, and the final product.
This project will help one develop engineering skills while learning about
a clean way of generating electricity. The modern challenge faced with the
global energy situation is the growing energy demand and the strong
dependence on unsustainable fossil fuels. Another concurrent issue is the
adverse health and socio-economic implications of adult obesity. This Human
Power Generation project, which uses metabolized human energy to generate
electrical power, could potentially address both these challenges.



A Thermoelectric power generator is a solid state device that provides direct energy conversion from thermal energy (heat) into electrical energy based on “Seebeck effect”. The thermoelectric power cycle, with charge carriers serving as the working fluid, follows the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and intimately resembles the power cycle of a conventional heat engine. The capability of recovering energy from wasted heat is referred to as waste heat recovery, or simply WHR. Even though efficiency of today’s combustion engines has been considerably improved, a significant amount of the energy content in the fuel is still rejected as pure heat. This thesis aims to further developing of a Simulink model for a waste heat recovery system based on thermoelectric technology, in such an extent that performance of new thermoelectric materials can be investigated. The Simulink model is based on a WHR system developed and built into a Scania Euro 6 truck, equipped with two thermoelectric generators (TEGs) together with an external cooling system and control unit. The TEGs are installed in line with the trucks exhaust system at two different levels, and are designed to extract energy from the heat in the exhaust gases. At the first level, some of the exhaust gases pass through the EGR-system (exhaust gas recirculation) with high temperature but with limited mass flow. The rest of the exhaust gases pass through the second level in the ATS-system (silencer and a multi-step filtering of the exhaust gases) with lower temperature but high mass flow. Each of the TEGs carries a large number of thermo-electric modules based on Bismuth Telluride, BiTe, which will be used as a reference material in this project.
The thermoelectric technique has long been known and research has led to great improvements in later years, though thermoelectric power generation has not yet seen a major breakthrough in commercial applications due to low efficiencies and expensive manufacturing. Today, most scientists strive to find materials with higher efficiencies using nanostructure designs. Efforts are also put in finding cheaper materials and manufacturing methods in hope of expanding the scene of thermoelectric generators.



In many countries like India it is difficult to obtain water resources for irrigation or other purposes, especially in the arid regions. The problem of water scarcity is also observed in other places of the world due to lack of rainfall. However, in highly humid areas such as places close to the sea, water can be obtained by condensing the water vapour present in air. Here, the paper presents the method to develop a water condensation system based on thermoelectric cooler.

The system consists of cooling elements, heat exchange unit and air circulation unit. A solar cell panel unit with a relevant high current output drives the cooling elements through a controlling circuit. Atmospheric Water Generator is a device that can convert atmospheric moisture directly into usable and even drinkable water.

It is such a device which uses the principle of latent heat to convert molecules of water vapour into water droplets. It has been introduced a bit before, though it is not very common in India and some other countries. It has a great application standing on such age of technology where we all are running behind renewable sources. 


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