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1)Transformerless Variable Frequency Drive System

The project aims at designing a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) which helps inimproving the performance of HVAC systems. The system is capable of directlyoperating on the supply without reducing it.Variable frequency drive (VFD) usage has increased dramatically in HVACapplications.

 The VFDs are now commonly applied to air handlers, pumps, chillers andtower fans. A better understanding of VFDs will lead to improved application andselection of both equipment and HVAC systems.The projects makes the AC supply to DC supply by the use of Rectifier. The DCobtained is fed to MOSFET driver. The output from MOSFET driver is fed to centertapped step up transformer. 

A frequency controller interfaced to MOSFET driver variesthe AC frequency.
The main objectives of the project are:
1. Generating sine wave AC.
2. To design a system this is capable of varying frequency of the supply.
3. VFD design without using a transformer

The project provides exposure to following technologies:
1. MOSFET driver designing.
2. Frequency controller 

 The major building blocks of the project are:
1. Rectifier.
2. MOSFET driver.
3. Frequency controller.

4. Center tapped transformer.

                                                       ( 2999 1,999/- RS )

2)RGB color detection in images and Real time video

# Color Detection in Image 
 1. Click on Use Image 
 2. Select image source 
 *Demo Image (Already in files) 
 *Browse Image (Use your own acc. to supported formats: jpg,bmp,jpeg,png) 
 *From Camera (after preview click on Take Snapshot) 
 3. Choose color 
 4. Start Detection 

 # Color detection in Real Time Video
 1. Click On Real Time Video
 2. Select no. of frames and click on set. (Time duration of Live Video) 
 3. Select color 
 4. Start Detection -- In detected Components black screen will appear. Whenever it detect a color component it shows only that color.--

                                                        ( 1999  999/- RS )


It is a vehicle's number/license plate recognition algorithm based on the very elementary technique of Templates matching. The algorithm takes an input image of the number plate (number plate should be dominant in the image) and after filtering the image, it performs region based operations. Then it tries to capture the characters regions in a processed binary image and with the aid of template matching outputs the string of number plate characters.

                                                    ( 2999 1,999/- RS )


This software detects the position of the vehicle license plate And the numbers embedded on it. Recar.m -to run the program or WriteCarNumber.m - to read vehicle plate in sequence and to save the data on excel file . This software is the best among all the license plates detection software that appear on the site. 92% success in identifying license plates.

                                                        ( 2999 2,499/- RS )

5) 3 Phase Sine Wave Inverter matlab simulation 

This model demonstrates a DC-AC converter. 3 leg Mosfet operated inverter is constructed . Can be used to demonstrate the relationship of input DC, output voltage, modulation index , filter selection and switching frequency. 

It is designed to generate ac output of multi level/ phase. Three H bridges are used with three unequal distributed DC sources (1:3:9). "A" represents the no. of level in the output and "F" indicates the output frequency. Sinusoidal PWM used to vary the output voltage and frequency. So the model can be used for other applications like drives, DVR, grid tied inverter etc.,

                                                       ( 5999 2,999/- RS )

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