9)Shiftable Steering Control

Conventional steering system consist of fixed steering wheel which has to used for fixed position learning,many peoples find that inconvenient they want an new kind of steering system in which we can shift the position of steering wheel according to our comfortably . In our project we had designed an new kind of steering stsyem which can be used for shifting its position like an moveable box on a moving track,this system has an digital transducer system of sensing rotational motion of steering wheel, sending the data to an servo motor ,who moves the lower shaft connected with the wheels. Due to digital system, we can change the position of steering wheels

Electric Power Steering (EPS) has replaced hydraulic power steering in many new vehicles today. One of the advantages of electric power steering is that it eliminates the power steering pump, which can use as much as 8 to 10 horsepower under load. This improves fuel economy while also eliminating the weight and bulk of the power steering pump and hoses. Getting rid of the hydraulics also does away with fluid leaks and the need to check the power steering fluid. Electric power steering is also quieter than hydraulic systems because there is no pump noise and no fluid flowing through hoses and valves. But the most noticeable difference is in handling and steering refinement. Electric power steering can be fine tuned with a precision that is hard to match with hydraulic controls. By monitoring the driver's steering inputs, vehicle speed, and other suspension dynamics, the system can provide just the right amount of steering feel and effort to match rapidly changing driving conditions. EPS can deliver extra effort when you need it, and reduce steering effort when you do not need it. It can even provide steering assist when the engine is off. Better yet, because the system is software driven, it is possible to tap into the steering module and modify steering effort and feel. This can be done with a factory scan tool on some applications, and with aftermarket "tuner" scan tools and software.


Electric power steering can be found on a wide variety of vehicles including the Acura NSX (which was the first production car with this feature), Honda S2000, Toyota Cortolla, Prius and Toyota RAV4, numerous GM models including 2004 and up Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Cobalt , Equinox, HHR, Pontiac G6 (except the Convertible, GTP and 2007 GT models), Pontiac G5, Torrent and Vibe, Saturn ION and VUE, 2005 and up Ford Mustang, and many many others.


Though some of the older electric power steering systems were actually "electro-hydraulic," and used an electric motor to drive a conventional hydraulic pump, the latest generation of EPS is all electric/electronic. The steering gear itself is a manual rack with an electric motor mounted on the steering column or the rack. When the driver turns the wheel, a steering sensor detects the position and rate of rotation of the steering wheel. This information along with input from a steering torque sensor mounted in the steering shaft is fed to the power steering control module. Other inputs such as vehicle speed and inputs from the traction control or stability control systems are factored in to determine how much steering assist is required. The control module then commands the motor to rotate a certain amount, and a sensor on the motor provides feedback to the control module so it can monitor the motor's position.



 This project is developed for the users to rotate the back wheel of a two wheeler using propeller shaft. Usually in two wheelers, chain and sprocket method is used to drive the back wheel. But in this project, the Engine is connected at the front part of the vehicle. The shaft of the engine is connected with a long rod. The other side of the long rod is connected with a set of bevel gears. The bevel gears are used to rotate the shaft in 90 o angle. The back wheel of the vehicle is connected with the bevel gear(driven). Thus the back wheel is rotated in perpendicular to the engine shaft. Thus the two wheeler will move forward. According to the direction of motion of the engine, the wheel will be moved forward or reverse. This avoids the usage of chain and sprocket method.


  A shaft-driven bicycle is a bicycle that uses a drive shaft instead of a chain to transmit power from the pedals to the wheel. Shaft drives were introduced over a century ago, but were mostly supplanted by chain-driven bicycles due to the gear ranges possible with sprockets and derailleur. Recently, due to advancements in internal gear technology, a small number of modern shaft-driven bicycles have been introduced. Shaft-driven bikes have a large bevel gear where a conventional bike would have its chain ring. This meshes with another bevel gear mounted on the drive shaft. The use of bevel gears allows the axis of the drive torque from the pedals to be turned through 90 degrees. The drive shaft then has another bevel gear near the rear wheel hub which meshes with a bevel gear on the hub where the rear sprocket would be on a conventional bike, and canceling out the first drive torque change of axis.


The term Drive shaft is used to refer to a shaft, which is used for the transfer of motion from one point to another. Whereas the shafts, which propel (push the object ahead) are referred to as the propeller shafts. However the drive shaft of the automobile is also referred to as the propeller shaft because apart from transmitting the rotary motion from the front end to the rear end of the vehicle, these shafts also propel the vehicle forward. The shaft is the primary connection between the front and the rear end (engine and differential), which performs both the jobs of transmitting the motion and propelling the front end. Thus the terms Drive Shaft and Propeller Shafts are used interchangeably. In other words, a drive shaft is a longitudinal power transmitting, used in vehicle where the pedal is situated at the human feet. A drive shaft is an assembly of one or more tubular shafts connected by universal, constant velocity or flexible joints. The number of tubular pieces and joints depends on the distance between the 

two wheels


  • Smooth driving
• Easier to transport
• Low cost of ownership
• Racing
• Off-road riding
• Cycling


  Firstly the project were unable to be completed with the drive shaft due to various problems around circumference of the bicycle ,later on this was realized to run successfully with two bevel gears at both end of the drive shaft. The presented work was aimed to reduce the wastage of human power (energy) on bicycle riding or any machine, which employs drive shafts; in general it is achieved by using light weight drive shaft with bevel gears on both sides designed on replacing chain transmission. The presented work also deals with design optimization i.e converting rotary motion in linear motion with aid of two bevel gears.


Recently in Mumbai, there occurred 2 cases of sever oil spill near sea shore affecting most of the aquatic life of the area. Also fishing and tourism were affected by this spillage.The environmental effects of such oil spills are not negligible as this is a global problem now days. 

Every year, there is million US gallons of oil spill. This is equal to 100 large size gymnasium halls. The numbers though could not tell the actual harm caused to the environment by such oil spill as it is in numerous. So there is need of an effective way to clean this oil from the surface without actually wasting it.Now, in industries, to separate oil from other things like coolant and water, we use oil skimmers. There are various methods for this, of which disk type oil skimmer is one of the majorly used. This is because of its simple working and very high efficiency of around 90-95%.

There are many important positive points of this system as explained below No external power is needed of skimming when used with solar power It reduced oil pollution of sea it separate oil from water


  Today world required speed in each and every field. Hence rapidness and quick working is most important. Now days for achieving rapidness, various machines and the equipment are being manufactured. In such a modern era of liberalization, small-scale industries are contributing in a big way to the growth of our country. The engineer is constantly confronted with the challenges of bringing ideas and design into reality. New machines and techniques are being developed continuously ton manufacture various products at cheaper rates and high quality. 

Taking into account the above contribution we have tried to manufacture such equipment, which is the accessory of machine tool to have the treatment to the cutting fluid after having used as a coolant. Because the coolant after having continuous use, gets mixed up with the lubricating oil and its property gets changed. Hence it becomes necessary to separate the oil from the mixture of the oil and the coolant. Oil pollution occurs in harbor basins when leaks from shore facilities for the supply of diesel fuel to fishing vessels find their way into the harbor water; when vessels pump out oily bilge water in port; when used engine oil is dumped overboard and when an accident results in leakage of fuel oil.



Disc and Belt to attract oil which is dumped into collecting tank Entire assembly is on floating/or fixed disk and belt with skimmer partially dipped in water for more contact . Solar panels charge the battery and runs the motor and make itself sustaining model . The rubber scraper is attached with disc and belt and collect oil in collecting.


 No external power is needed of skimming when used with solar power It reduced oil pollution of sea it separate oil from water 


 Coolant systems Heat treating fluids Food processing plants Parking lots, garages, and service facilities Outdoor ponds, lakes, and basins Underground tanks Ships’ bilges Aircraft service areas and tarmac runoff Truck, locomotive, and other mobile equipment washing facilities

12)Design and fabrication of Air Operated Car SYNOPSIS 

 Coal, petroleum, natural gas, water and nuclear energy are the five main energy sources that have played important roles and have been widely used by human. At present, the energy consumed all over the world almost completely relies on the supply of the five main energy sources. The consumption of petroleum constitutes approximately 60 percent of energy used from all sources, so it is the major consumer of energy. Everyday radios, newspapers, televisions and the internet warn us of energy exhaustion,atmospheric pollution and hostile climatic conditions. After few hundred years of industrial development, we are facing these global problems while at the same time we maintain a high standard of living. If other countries are using it why can’t we??? So we also make it work Compressed Air Car .

 What is a Air Car ? How it works ? 

 So this energy of the compressed air can also be utilized to displace a piston. The reciprocating motion of the piston is converted into rotary motion of wheel using a Chain drive and sprockets, the sprockets are coupled to wheels. This is the basic working principle of the vehicle. In the case of a compressed air driven vehicle, there is absence of combustion process. So it is nonpolluting and less dangerous. 

3D Model Of air operated mini car build in Catia. 3D Model Of Design and fabrication air operated mini car-mechanical project 2017 3D Model Of Design and fabrication air operated 
mini car  

 Prototype model of compressed air car , pneumatic vehicle , fabricated model of compressed air car , working of air car , compressed air vehicle . prototype of air operated mini car mechanical project 2017 Prototype Of Air Operated Mini Car It requires lighter metal only since it does not have to withstand elevated temperatures. As there is no combustion taking place, there is no need for mixing fuel and air. Here compressed air is made use to direct in to the piston cylinder arrangement. It simply expands air inside the cylinder and does useful work on the piston. This work done on the piston provides sufficient power to the drive the vehicle. The flows from the piston chambers and rod chambers of the cylinders are led through the tubing system and a remote valve manifold. In the damper manifold the oil flows create a pressure loss over the solenoid valves and other appendages in the tubing system. The valves are laced parallel for each flow and therefore the total flow‐through area changes when one of the valves opens or shuts. 


 1. No engine required
 2. Fuel less concept no need fill any type of fuel
 3. Less maintenance required . 
4. Low cost vehicle 
5. No skilled labour required to repair 
6. Light weight less chance of skid and can be used any environment 
7. Virtually silent operation. 
8. Uses green energy resources 
9. The mechanical design of the engine is simple, robust and already proven for fossil fuels that produce significantly tougher operating conditions. 


1. Compressed air pressure high required Application: 

1. In manufacturing plants for Assembly moving from place to other 

2. In Railway stations to Shift the luggage from platform to another



 A method of controlling a gear change of an automobile, automobile comprising an internal combustion engine; an automatic transmission connected to an output rotation shaft of engine so as to transmit the rotational output of engine to drive wheels of automobile through any selected one of a plurality of gear ratios; a load device selectively connectable to output rotation shaft of engine via selectively-connecting means; and means for generating a gear change control signal for selecting one of gear ratios of automatic transmission in accordance with one of operational conditions of automobile and engine method comprising the steps of controlling selectively-connecting means when gear change signal-generating means generates the control signal in such a manner that selectively-connecting means connects load device to output rotation shaft of engine. 

 Design and Fabrication Of Tension less Bike Full Report Download This project emphasizes on minimization of harmful efforts of pressing the gear lever. 

The gear is engaged by pressing the lever, and disengaged by pressing same lever in opposite direction under the control of the driver. In road vehicles, gear mechanism used is with lever operated by driver hand which requires some efforts to operate the gear lever and need attention during the driving of vehicle (specially in heavy vehicle). In our project, the control switch is used instead of the gear lever in vehicles or automobiles and the gear lever is attached with electromagnet solenoid to operate gear lever. Electromagnet solenoid is a switch operated by electric power supply from battery of vehicle. Now the project mainly concentrates on designing and demonstrating the switch operated gear mechanism unit to operate gear lever for engaging or disengaging the gear Our project achieves higher safety, reduces human effort, reduces the work load, reduces the vehicle accident, reduces the fatigue of workers and reduces maintenance cost. 


Figure: Model of button operated gear mechanism



When vehicle to start, gear should be at neutral position. To neutral the gear green color switch is operated and then vehicle is started. To engage the gear switch no. 1 is pressed and to disengage the gear switch no. 2 is pressed.  

 1. Battery 
2. Engine 
3. Gear shifting lever
 4. Electromagnetic solenoid
 5. Gear shifting switch 
6. Power transmission system


 1. 4-stroke engine 100CC it is mounted on frame. 
2. Gear shifting lever- it is attached to engine.
 3. Electromagnetic solenoid- It is attached to gear shifting lever.
 4. Gear shifting switch panel- It is attached to electromagnetic solenoid. 
5. Battery- It is attached to the gear shifting switch panel. 
6. Accelerator- It is attached to the handle.
 7. Clutch lever- It is attached to the handle. 


4-stroke engine 100CC to develop power. Gear shifting lever- It use for shift the gear.Solenoid- solenoid is a device. The structure is something like pipe. In which coil is present between these two coils iron rod is present. When we give electric supply that coil then it generates magnetic flux and due to this magnetic flux iron rod push inside this solenoid.Gear shifting switch panel-This device control the flow of current.Battery- This device store electric current. 


1. 4-stroke engine 100CC to develop power. 
2. Gear shifting lever- It use for shift the gear. 
3. Solenoid- solenoid is a device.

 The structure is something like pipe. In which coil is present between these two coils iron rod is present. When we give electric supply that coil then it generates magnetic flux and due to this magnetic flux iron rod push inside this solenoid.

 4. Gear shifting switch panel-

This device control the flow of current. 

5. Battery- This device store electric current.

 6. Accelerator- Use for increasing engine

14)Automatic Foot Dust Vacuum cleaning Machine Mechancial Project SYNOPSIS 

This project deals with the fabrication of Automatic Foot Dust vacuum cleaning machine. The aim of this project work is to develop and modernized process for cleaning the foot dust automatically on/off the machine. It is very useful for cleaning the foot dust. It can be widely used in houses, hospitals, auditorium, shops, computer centers, etc. In modern days interior decorations are becoming an important role in our life. Cleaning of foot dust is a very important one for our health and reduces the man power requirement. Every day children are playing games in the ground and their dress, foot, body having dust. They are clean all the dust containing before entering into the room or home. In our project foot dust are cleaned automatically by putting the step in the machine. Hence our project is very useful in our day to day life.


 Automatic Foot Dust Cleaning Machine is very much useful in hospitals, houses, auditorium, shops, computer centers etc; it is very simple in construction and easy to operate. Anybody can operate this machine easily. It consists of large number of brush and this brush is used to clean the foot dust. Hence it is very useful in hospitals, houses, etc. The time taken for cleaning is very less and the cost is also very less.Maintenance cost is less. There are several numbers of foot dust cleaning machine and are working under different principles and the cost is also very high. In our project is very simple drive mechanism and easy to operate any persons and children. The size of the machine is also portable, so we can transfer from one place to other place very easily. In our Automatic foot dust cleaning machine is simple, all house holding device; even children can also operate it easily with safety. It is very important one for each and every houses and hospitals etc.


 The automatic sensor operated foot dust cleaning machine is shown below figure. The main supply 230V A.C is given to the single phase induction motor. The motor is running its normal speed. The motor pulley is already connected to the main shaft pulley with the help of belt drive. The main shaft is rotating according to the speed of the motor and pulley dimension. The two numbers of brushes are mounted on the main shaft. The brushes are rotated due to the rotation of the main shaft. This brushes cleaning the dust in the foot or shoes. IR sensor is used to sense the obstacle and this signal is given to the single phase induction

1. Manual effort is reduced.
2. Operating time is less.
3. Cleaning and polishing can be done at same time.
 4. Power consumption is less.
5. Operating Cost is less.
6. Design is very simple.
7. Easy fabrication.
 8. It occupies less floor area.
9. Initial cost is less.
10. Net weight is less.
11. Maintenance cost less.
12. It can be used in various places
13. Smoother operation.

 Domestic purpose.
 Hospitals.
 Auditoriums.
 Cultural centers.  Schools.
 Colleges.
 Large scale industries.
 Medium scale industries.
  Theaters.


1. Speed of the motor is constant.
2. Pushing power is required to on the machine automatically.

 15)Automatic Brake Failure Indicator and Engine Overheating Alarm SYNOPSIS

The aim is to design and develop a control system based an electronically controlled automatic brake failure indicator by using IR Sensor and engine over heating alarm by using heat sensor is called “AUTOMATIC BRAKE FAILURE INDICATOR AND ENGINE OVER HEATING ALARM”. Automatic brake failure indicator and engine over heating alarm is consists of IR sensor circuit, Heat sensor Circuit, Control Unit and frame. The sensor is used to detect the brake wire. There is any disconnection of the brake wire or cutting of any few turns of brake wire, the control signal to the alarm unit. Similarly the heat sensor is fixed to the engine and this heat is measured and giving the alarm signal when the engine heat exceeds the setted temperature limit. 


 Car safety is the avoidance of automobile accidents or the minimization of harmful effects of accidents, in particular as pertaining to human life and health. Special safety features have been built into cars for years, some for the safety of car’s occupants only, and some for the safety of others. We have pleasure in introducing our new project “AUTOMATIC HEAD LIGHT DIM/BRIGHT CONTROLLER AND ENGINE OVER HEAT ALARM”, which is fully equipped by sensors circuit, dim/bright light and engine over heat alarm circuit. It is a genuine project which is fully equipped and designed for Automobile vehicles. Automatic Brake Failure Indicator and Engine Overheating Alarm This forms an integral part of best quality. This product underwent strenuous test in our Automobile vehicles and it is good. Man has needed and used energy at an increasing rate for its sustenance and well being ever since he came on the earth a few million years ago. Primitive man required energy primarily in the form of food. He derived this by eating plants or animals, which he hunted. Subsequently he discovered fire and his energy needs increased as he started to make use of wood and other bio mass to supply the energy needs for cooking as well as agriculture. He added a mew dimension to the use of energy by domesticating and training animals to work for him. With further demand for energy, man began to use the wind for sailing ships and for driving windmills, and the force of failing water to turn water wheels. Till this time, it would not be wrong to say that the sun was supplying all the energy needs of man either directly or indirectly and that man was using only renewable sources of energy. 

The major components of the project are follows 

1. LDR Sensor and Heat Sensor 
2. Frame 
3. Battery 
4. Dim/Bright Light (Head Light) 
5. Relay 



 BLOCK DIAGRAM OF Automatic Brake Failure Indicator and Engine Overheating Alarm 

  Low cost automation project.
  Less power consumption 
 Operating Principle is very easy. 
 Installation is simplified very much. 
 Less time and more profit.


1. Four wheeler application 
2. Two Wheeler Application


1. This circuit is not working on low rain fall. 
2. This system applied in the case of water falling on the class period only. 
3. Addition cost is required to install this system to four wheeler

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